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You can contact any specialist, doctor or even veterinarian you need with a question, at any time and anywhere in the world, in a language you understand, using a mobile phone or tablet. The first aggregator in medicine using AI technology. Ask a medical question to artificial intelligence for free!

We do not provide medical services.

If you need urgent medical attention, call 112.

"Your Doctor Online" allows you to choose the right specialist from anywhere in the world to set your price for online treatment. Our platform is an aggregator where you can set your own price or choose specialists with a fixed rate. Be sure to read the terms of use.
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Why "Your Doctor Online"

You set the price yourself

and experts respond to it or offer their own. You only have to choose.

Unlimited time.

You will have time to ask all your questions during a video call or chat and get a second opinion at any time 24/7.

Complete anonymity.

We do not disclose the data of visitors to the resource, we do not store history, we do not transfer data. You can get anonymous support and analysis transcripts.

For every family member

in any place convenient for you. You can, without leaving your home, find the answer to your questions or help your loved ones.

Choose those who understand you

from anywhere in the world, choose a specialist and an accessible consultation language. Get responses in the language and country you need.

Specialists from all over the world are ready to give you a second opinion.
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How it works

Download the mobile app
Choose language
Choose a consultation specialization
Set a price or choose from a specialist list
Select dialogue format (video / text)
Get instant access to thousands of professionals
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