Privacy policy

The present document "Privacy policy" (further in the text – "Policy") represents rules of use / to specify the owner of the website / (further – "we" and/or "Administration") these Internet users (further "you" and/or "User") who are brought together / to specify website URL with use of the website / (further – "Website").

1. The processed data
1.1. We don't carry out collecting your personal data with use of the Website.

1.2. All data collected on the Website are provided and accepted in the depersonalized form (further – "The depersonalized data").

1.3. The depersonalized data include the following data which don't allow to identify you:

1.3.1. Information which you provide about yourself independently with use of online forms and software modules of the Website, including a name or the phone number and/or the e-mail address.

1.3.2. Data which are transferred in anonymous form in the automatic mode depending on settings of the software used by you.

1.4. The administration has the right to establish requirements to structure of the Depersonalized data of the User which are collected with use of the Website.

1.5. If certain information isn't marked as obligatory, her granting or disclosure is carried out by the User on the discretion and on own initiative.

1.6. The administration doesn't carry out check of reliability of the provided data and presence at the User of necessary consent to their processing according to the real Policy, believing that the User acts honestly, circumspectly and makes all necessary efforts for maintenance of such information in current state and to receiving all necessary soglasiya on her use.

1.7. You realize and you accept a possibility of use on the Website of the software of the third parties therefore such persons can receive and transfer the data in anonymous form specified in item 1.3.

2. Data processing purposes
2.1. The administration uses data in the following purposes:

2.1.1. Processing of the arriving inquiries and communications with the User;

2.1.2. Information service, including mailing of promotional and informational materials;

2.1.3. Carrying out market, statistical and other researches;

2.1.4. Targeting of advertizing materials on the Website.

3. Requirements to data protection
3.1. The administration carries out data storage and provides their protection from unauthorized access and distribution according to internal rules and regulations.

3.2. Concerning the obtained data confidentiality remains, except for cases when they are made the User public and also when the technologies and the software of the third parties or setting up the software used by the User used on the Website provide open exchange with these persons and/or other participants and Internet users.

3.3. For improvement of quality of work the Administration has the right to store log files about the actions made by the User within use of the Website during 1 (One).

4. Data transmission
4.1. The administration has the right to transfer data to the third parties in the following cases:

The user expressed the consent to such actions, including cases of application by the User of the settings of the used software which aren't limiting providing a certain information;
Transfer is necessary within use by the User of functionality of the Website;
Transfer is required according to the data processing purposes;
Due to the transfer of the Website to possession, use or the property of such third party;
At the request of court or other authorized public authority within the procedure established by the legislation;
For protection of the rights and legitimate interests of Administration in connection with the violations allowed by the User.
5. Privacy policy change
5.1. The real Policy can be changed or stopped by Administration unilaterally without prior notice of the User. New edition of Policy comes into force from the moment of her placement on the Website if other isn't provided by new edition of Policy.

5.2. The current version of Policy is located at on the Website on the Internet of http://ydo.health/politika-konfidenczialnosti.html


I confirm that I am informed of the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation establishing an order of processing of personal data with the policy of Operator for processing of personal data and also with my rights and duties in this area.

Consent can be withdrawn by me on the basis of my written statement at any time. I understand that even in case of a response of this consent my personal data can be processed on other legal grounds (including cases of processing of the personal data which are subject to publication or obligatory disclosure according to the federal law) and (or) on the basis of the consent given to other person, allowing processing of my personal data on the specified website.


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