We are the world's first healthcare aggregator that allows customers from anywhere in the world to receive services in any available language and set their own price. Who is the first is the one in the market

We work all over the world, expanding the geography and level of capitalization.

Our service is an additional and main income for doctors and specialists anywhere in the world.

Breakeven business model. There is no need to keep a staff and have your own blades. We work as an aggregator, receiving our commission.
Unique recommendation marketing strategy. In this segment, personal recommendations and reviews of opinion leaders work, not contextual advertising. Many still do not know what telemedicine is.
The first time our client receives the service for free. We give a try how it works.

Legal all over the world.

We are not subject to the telemedicine law. This is an aggregator.

Growing up

Very simple and fast launch model in any new country.


The client himself sets the price or chooses a doctor at a set price.
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Frequently asked Questions

How is your product unique?

YDO HEALTH - has no analogues on the market. We are not telemedicine and are not subject to the telemedicine law. This is an aggregator. There is no such thing at the moment. In addition, we work worldwide. See presentation.

Why are we not covered by the telemedicine law?

Because we do not make diagnoses, do not store customer data, do not keep patient records and work on the principle of a second opinion. We have fully legally provided for all these nuances and propped them up in our offer.

How does the platform earn?

The client places a task for a consultation at his own price or chooses a doctor at his own price. The platform receives 30% of the cost of the consultation.

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