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This service aggregator offer is a mandatory condition under which it is allowed to conclude and execute agency agreements between Your Doctor Online and the Consultant in connection with the use of Your Doctor Online service.

Revision of 08 August 2023,

1. Service Aggregator Offer Terms
1.1. The following terms and definitions shall apply in this document and in the relations arising from or related to the Parties:

1.1.1. Offer - the text of this document with all appendices, amendments and additions thereto, posted on the Site and available on the Internet at: https ://ydo.health/usloviya-ispolzovanya.html.


1.1.2. Agreement (Agency Agreement) means an agency agreement, together with all Binding Documents relating thereto, which is entered into and executed between the Agent and the Consultant in the manner prescribed by this Offer.

The agency agreement allows you to legally collect payments from users of the site and transfer them to Consultants less your commission. At the same time, the aggregator does not require a license to provide payment services, it is not responsible for the actions of the Consultant, and taxes are paid only from the amount of the commission.

1.1.3. Services shall mean agency services under the Agreement concluded in accordance with this Offer.

1.1.4. Agent - LLC "Your Doctor Online."

1.1.5. Consultant, aka specialist or doctor - a User who has passed the registration procedure on the Site in the status of a Consultant and intends to use, use or use the functionality of the Site and/or the Service provided on its basis to search for Customers (customers), conclude Transactions with them and accept execution of such Transactions in terms of payment for the offered services.

The Contractor under the contract with the Customer is not a service aggregator, but an independent third party with whom the aggregator has entered into an agency agreement.

1.1.6. Customer - a User who has passed the registration procedure on the Site in the status of a Client and intends to use, use or use the functionality of the Site and/or the Service provided on its basis for selecting Consultants, concluding Transactions with them and performing such Transactions in terms of payment for the offered services.

1.1.7. Transaction - an agreement on the provision of consulting services through the software "Your Doctor Online" (iOS/Android), concluded with the Customer by the Agent on behalf of the Consultant, together with all Mandatory Documents related to it. The Transaction shall be entered into and executed on the terms and in accordance with the Terms of Use.

The rights and obligations under the contract for consulting services arise directly from the Consultant, therefore the service aggregator is not responsible for its actions and does not pay taxes on the entire cost of services.

1.1.8. Site - an automated information system available on the Internet at (including subdomains): https ://ydo.health/

1.1.9. Service - a collection of the Site and the content posted on it, mobile applications to which Users are provided with access using the Platform.

1.1.10. Platform - Agent hardware and software integrated with the Site.

1.1.11. Consultant's Personal Account - a personal section of the Site to which the Consultant receives access after registration and/or authorization on the Site. The Personal Account is intended for storage of personal data of the Consultant, viewing and management of the available functionality of the Service, including: viewing information about the Customers, the status of the Personal Account of the Consultant, receiving Reports of the Agent and notifications within the framework of the Agreement and concluded Transactions.

1.1.12. Personal Account of the Consultant means information on funds received by the Agent from the Customers for the services of the Consultant under the Transactions, as well as debited as part of the execution of the Agency Agreement to pay for the Services provided under it. Access to the Personal Account shall be granted to the Consultant using his Personal Account.

2. General Terms and Conditions of the Contract
2.1. The obligatory condition for the conclusion of the Agreement is unconditional acceptance and compliance by the Consultant with the requirements and provisions applicable to the relations of the Parties under the Agreement, defined by the following documents "Terms of Use."

2.1.1. User Agreement posted and/or available on the Internet at https ://ydo.health/usloviya-ispolzovaniya.html, including general terms of registration on the Site and use of the Service;

The Service Aggregator is responsible for access of Consultants and Customers to the Service as Users. Therefore, the relationship of the service aggregator with the Users is governed by a separate User Agreement. This relationship is not within the scope of this Offer, but is binding on the conclusion of an agency agreement. Therefore, the Offer references the User Agreement as a binding document.

2.1.2. Privacy Policy posted and/or available on the Internet at https ://ydo.health/politika-konfidenczialnosti.html, which contains the rules for the provision and use of personal information, including personal data of the Customer and the Consultant.

2.2. Mandatory documents form an integral part of the Contract concluded in accordance with these Rules.

3. Procedure for concluding an agency contract with the aggregator
3.1 The User accepts the Offer and the Terms of Use when registering on the website or in the application in the status of the Consultant, he accepts the Offer and gains access to the Personal Account.

4. Subject matter of the contract with the service aggregator
4.1. The Agent provides access in the computer program "Your Doctor Online" to the User and the Consultant on the terms specified in the section https ://ydo.health/usloviya-ispolzovanya.html. The Consultant and the User interact using the Agent's software. The software is available for iOS/Android platforms. Installed at the appropriate links on the site https ://ydo.health/

5. Agent fee of the service aggregator
5.1. The amount of remuneration is 10% of the value of the services agreed between the User and the Consultant.

6. Agency Contract Reports with Service Aggregator
6.1. The report is provided monthly, on request, in electronic form, by e-mail.

7. Agency Contract Settlements with Consultant
7.1. The cost of services shall be agreed between the Consultant and the User independently. The user makes a preliminary payment in the program "Your Doctor Online" to the account of his personal account.

7.2. Based on the result of the service rendered by the Consultant, the assigned amount is debited from the User's personal account. The Agent shall withhold from this amount the fee specified in Clause 5 and credit the balance of the amount to the Consultant's personal account.

7.3. The consultant can withdraw to the account indicated in his personal account, the amount starting from 1000 rubles, in 24 hours.

7.4. If the User leaves a complaint or makes a bad assessment after interaction, the Agent may return the above amount to the User after receiving a comprehensive communication and viewing the history.

8. Liability of the parties

8.1. Responsibility for the activities of the Consultant shall lie entirely with the Consultant.

8.2. The administration of the Service shall not be responsible for any inaccuracy relating to the descriptive information about the health care organizations, Consultants and doctors presented on the Service, nor for the services or products offered by these health care organizations, Consultants or doctors.

8.3. Specialists (Consultants) should not prescribe treatment or write prescriptions/treatment plan. It is permissible to give only a second opinion and remind you to consult with your doctor.

8.4. Responsibility for the damage caused lies with users and specialists in the application and on the site.

8.5. Posting data on medical organizations, Consultants and doctors on the Service does not guarantee that they have a license to provide medical activities, since the purpose of the Service is not to advertise and sell the services of medical organizations and doctors, but to provide a platform for free exchange of views, including about unscrupulous medical organizations and non-professional doctors.

8.6. Comments and reviews of Users are subjective assessment judgments of their authors and are not related to the Administration of the Service.

8.7. The administration of the Service is objectively limited in its ability to qualify the judgments of the users of the Service as a personal opinion that is not subject to verification for validity or a statement of fact, and cannot determine the accuracy of information posted by users on the Service. The relevant assessment is the exclusive prerogative of the court.

8.8. The administration of the Service shall not be responsible for subjective judgments of users. The administration of the Service will remove the disputed information from the Service, but only if there is a court decision establishing that the relevant information distributed by the User on the Service tarnishes the reputation of the medical organization or doctor and is not true.

8.9. Consultants are prohibited from providing their personal data and contacts, vt.h phone numbers, links, e-mail.

8.10. The administration of the Service may close the access of the User, being a medical organization or doctor, to the Personal Account in case of knowingly false information in the User's profile and other reasons. The agent is not obliged to give an explanation of the reason for the blocking.

8.11. The specialist must have the status of self-employed or be officially arranged in a medical institution to which payment will be made. The administration of the service is not responsible for the absence of such a status from a specialist. Self-employed - a person applying a special tax regime as part of an experiment in accordance with the Federal Law of 27.11.2018 N 422-FZ "On Conducting an Experiment to Establish a Special Tax Regime" Tax on Professional Income. "

9. Force majeure (force majeure)
9.1. Neither Party shall be liable for the complete or partial failure to fulfill any of its obligations if the failure is a direct consequence of circumstances of an insurmountable (force majeure) nature beyond the control of the Parties that arose after the conclusion of the Agreement.
9.2. Force majeure circumstances under the Contract are: military actions, strikes, fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
9.3. At the same time, the term of fulfillment of obligations under the Contract is commensurately postponed for the duration of such circumstances and their consequences. The Party for which it has been impossible to fulfill its obligations hereunder shall immediately notify the other Party in writing of the occurrence, expected period of validity and termination of the above circumstances. If the impossibility of full or partial fulfillment of obligations exists for more than 3 months, the Contractor has the right to terminate the Contract in whole or in part without the obligation to compensate for possible losses (including expenses) of the Customer.

10. Validity period and amendment of the Offer/Contract.
10.1. The Offer/Agreement shall begin from the moment of its acceptance, by authorization in the application "Your Doctor Online."

10.2. This offer may be amended at any time without notice to the Parties.

10.3. The actual offer is located at https ://ydo.health/podklyuchenie-k-platforme.html

11. Validity, amendment and termination of the Offer/Contract
11.1. This Offer/Agreement is valid from the moment of authorization and beginning of the Consultant's interaction with the User. Upon completion of the consultation, Offer shall be deemed to be executed by the Agent.

12. Terms of confidentiality
Confdenzality conditions are located at https ://ydo.health/politika-konfidenczialnosti.html

13. Handwritten Signature Analogue Agreement

Since the parties interact remotely, the use of a login and password, telephone number and/or email address is used as a simple electronic signature key and gives legal force to messages (electronic documents) signed by such signature. Any documents sent by electronic correspondence also have legal force, according to the ART. 75 APK RF.

14. Final provisions
14.1. If a dispute arises between the parties, it shall be settled through direct negotiations between the representatives of the Parties.
14.2. The results of negotiations shall be documented in the relevant protocol signed by both parties or their representatives.

14.3. If it is impossible to resolve these disputes through negotiations, they must be resolved in court. If this Agreement/Offer is concluded with a legal entity or with a citizen who has the status of an individual entrepreneur, the place of consideration of the dispute is the Arbitration Court of Moscow.

14.4. In case of conclusion of the Agreement/Offer with a citizen who does not have the status of an individual entrepreneur, the dispute shall be considered in the district Nagatinsky court of Moscow.

15. Details of the Agent

OGRN 1237700394084

TIN 9726046636/CPP 772601001

Legal address: Suburban Highway 5 to 4, room 1. (End Entrance)

e-mail: hello@ydo.health




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